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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Another View of CamSur

“From being the 39th poorest, CamSur is now the 10th richest in terms of income and total equity, according to COA;”
by Ducky Paredes
Our constant letter-writer CamSur Provincial Administrator Fermin Mabolo has written us his reaction to our October 25 column on Camarines Sur politics and presents a different  view of what is goin on in […]

NAIA – Worst Airport Sa OFW

ni Horacio Paredes
Comment lang po sa worst airport issue.  Before I migrated here in Los Angeles CA, I was an OFW before and had a bad experience sa airport natin.
I am a good traveler who follows the rules regarding the allotted weight of all the baggage you can carry kasi ayokong magkaroon ng bulilyaso […]

That Illegal Globe-Altimax Deal

 “(T)he franchise of Altimax, by its very terms, had long been ipso facto revoked.”
by Ducky Paredes
PLDT and Globe Telecoms have probably become enemies forever, in the way that many in the younger generation regard themselves as “best friends forever.”
The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has just approved the much-delayed PLDT-Digitel deal that was done last March. […]

Gaddafi’s Dead; Long Live the MILF!

He was instrumental in getting Marcos to forge a peace agreement with the Muslim insurgents and in the establishment of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao.”
by Ducky Paredes
During the Marcos years, as Ferdinand and Imelda hosted Muamar Gaddafi in his visits to the Philippines (even to building a Palace for the Libyan), Gaddafi armed and […]

2 Sulat At Aking Pagkakamali

ni Horacio Paredes
Tungkol po sa column ninyo sa Abante, ipagpaumanhin po ninyo ang maling dating ng sa inyo ng sulat ko. Ako man po ay matindi ang galit sa mga MILF at Abu Sayaf sa sinapit ng ating mga sundalo, tulad din po ng mga pinsan, pamangkin at mga kaibigan  kong mga sundalo na nagbuhos […]

Noynoy’s Golden Moment

“We will not pursue all-out war; we will instead pursue all-out justice. All-out war is indiscriminate and borne out of anger. All-out justice is sober and fair; it is based on the rule of law, and leads to lasting peace.”  – President Benigno S. Aquino III
by Ducky Paredes
When the President spoke on the subject on […]

LRay Charged With Plunder

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 “In seven transactions alone, Trinidad said, the provincial government lost a total of P104.5 million.”
by Ducky Paredes
Republic Act No. 7080, the Anti-Plunder Law defines “ill-gotten wealth” as any asset, property, business […]

Dalawang Sulat Tungkol sa Basilan

ni Horacio Paredes
Ako po ay isang OFW dito sa South Pacific. Nalulungkot po kasi ako sa nangyari sa 19 na sundalo na minasaker ng MILF. Sa nangyari po na ganyan parang nangangahulugan na walang senseridad kausap ang mga rebeldeng Muslim na yan. Dapat kung ganyan sila, gamitin yung ERAP POLICY.  - Solomon Aradian
* * *
“Tungkol […]

Swearing on the Holy Book

 “Moner’s story now is the same one he brought before the Senate in 2005 – that Juan Miguel and Gloria Arroyo were blameless and knew nothing of poll fraud in 2004. Their underlings may have done it but certainly not Mike and Glo! ”
by Ducky Paredes
Why do Christians swear on the Bible? Will this actually […]

Tama Na ang Mga “Peace Talk”

ni Horacio Paredes
Ayon kay Marvic Leonen, ang nakikipagusap sa MILF tungkol sa kapayapaan at kung papaano magkakasundo ang MILF na gustong kumalas sa Pinas at ang pamahalaan, ang pagpatay raw ng MILF sa kanilang inambush na dumadaan lamang na mga Marines at 19 ang kanlang napatay ay isa lamang “isolated incident”.
Ayon naman sa MILF, nakita […]